The story behind Mr Wolf

August 19, 2019News1 Comments

My song, ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’, was originally inspired by an article I wrote about the phrase ”Different’ not ‘less”. This phrase goes around the internet a lot in relation to autism and I’d never actually stopped to think about what it meant.

It means that people are different, not worse. This totally captivated Jasmine’s verse. Jasmine thought she was “worse” or “less” than everyone else.

Then I started thinking about other ways in which people can be different. People can be “better” than others, or they can be better at certain things than others. This was the story of Julien. Julien thought he was superior to everyone else.

Some people are very similar. They have the same abilities and a similar sort of thinking style. Michael thought he was the same as everyone else. He wasn’t because he had autism, but he thought he was, and he wanted to be.

The verse about Alice was intended to celebrate that everyone is different and that we should all be valued for our uniqueness. Alice had a very diverse upbringing and the teacher was very inclusive, not wishing people to change, instead wanting to embrace and utilise the traits people already have.

I woke up at about 3am thinking about these characters and came up with their stories very early in the morning! As soon as I got to my computer, the lyrics just flowed out!

I hope you like the song!

Alis Rowe

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  1. James Gordon says:

    Interesting. 😊

    So now I’m gonna listen to this song with some mental bookmarks: “better guy”, then “same guy”, then “worse girl”, then “embraced girl”. 😁