The first draft is most important

April 14, 2020Inspiration0 Comments

I recognise the importance of the first draft of anything that I do. In relevance to my music, that means the first draft of any song.

A lot of people can sometimes feel frustrated, disappointed or disheartened with their first attempt at something, but they should remember that all masterpieces came from a first draft.

Without a first draft, there is nothing to build upon, learn from, or adapt. Without a first draft, there is only an image in your head (or maybe there isn’t one at all!).

Most pieces of work will evolve. They will improve or they will take a different direction from what originally was intended. But this evolution can normally only happen if something rough has been done!

I encourage you to make a start on your project, even if you’re not happy with what you initially produce. That first draft is very often the catalyst to something you’ll be very, very proud of in the end!

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