New song – Lockdown

June 12, 2020Latest Releases0 Comments

On 23rd March, the UK went into a partial lockdown due to a coronavirus. I wrote a song about my experience of this time.

I read about what would be happening - shops closing, not being allowed to go out, home working, no socialising, etc. I knew straight away that the lockdown wasn't really going to affect me. I don't really go out anyway and don't have much of a social life. I work from home.

Hundredth Song was released on 18 February 2020. This song is all about the process of learning that I have gone through over the last twelve months. It is a song that gives myself some respect for the work that I have put in! Learning how to rap has been an incredibly steep learning curve, but I am continually improving.

This song is a reminder that we should always congratulate ourselves for the work we put in. Learni...