Fear or Freedom lyrics analysis

March 3, 2020Behind The Lyrics0 Comments

I really enjoyed making this song! It's one of the more uplifting, fun songs, but still has deep underlying messages.

I really wanted to write a song about anxiety and talk about how it holds you back. You don't necessarily realise how much anxiety hinders you until it's gone. Once that anxiety is gone, it feels so freeing!

"I declare I was most anxious
Wearing coats just like a blanket
To freeze or flee was my reaction...

The meaning of Different Ways

December 17, 2019Behind The Lyrics1 Comments

'Different Ways' is a song about 3 different relationships. Each verse depicts a different relationship. The hook is the link as, despite each relationship being quite different, it is always really hard 'letting someone go.'

The phrase 'hold me down' can be taken in two ways - either that someone is holding you back and limiting you in some way, or that they are supporting you and have your back. Every relationship I've been in has ha...