The first draft is most important

April 14, 2020Inspiration0 Comments

I recognise the importance of the first draft of anything that I do. In relevance to my music, that means the first draft of any song.

A lot of people can sometimes feel frustrated, disappointed or disheartened with their first attempt at something, but they should remember that all masterpieces came from a first draft.

Without a first draft, there is nothing to build upon, learn from, or adapt. Without a fir...

Fear or Freedom lyrics analysis

March 3, 2020Behind The Lyrics0 Comments

I really enjoyed making this song! It's one of the more uplifting, fun songs, but still has deep underlying messages.

I really wanted to write a song about anxiety and talk about how it holds you back. You don't necessarily realise how much anxiety hinders you until it's gone. Once that anxiety is gone, it feels so freeing!

"I declare I was most anxious
Wearing coats just like a blanket
To freeze or flee was my reaction...

One year on from rapping

February 19, 2020Latest Releases0 Comments

Hundredth Song was released on 18 February 2020. This song is all about the process of learning that I have gone through over the last twelve months. It is a song that gives myself some respect for the work that I have put in! Learning how to rap has been an incredibly steep learning curve, but I am continually improving.

This song is a reminder that we should always congratulate ourselves for the work we put in. Learni...