New microphone – Rode NT1-A

November 10, 2019Equipment0 Comments

I have recently changed my microphone. I had been using a Rode Podcaster, which had been fantastic for recording voiceover lines for my films, however I think perhaps it wasn't the best choice for such "sensitive" and intense recordings of rap vocals.

The Rode Podcaster is a USB m...

I was featured in Merryn Music

November 5, 2019News0 Comments

Merryn Music is a website that promotes unsigned UK music artists. They wanted to interview me. You can read the interview here.

The story behind Mr Wolf

August 19, 2019News0 Comments

My song, ‘What’s the time, Mr Wolf?’, was originally inspired by an article I wrote about the phrase ”Different’ not ‘less”. This phrase goes around the internet a lot in relation to autism and I’d never actually stopped to think about what it meant.

It means that people are different, not worse. This totally captivated...

The start of an adventure

August 7, 2019News0 Comments


Thank you so much for visiting my website. If you have arrived here, you probably know me from The Curly Hair Project, my social enterprise that supports people on the autism spectrum. If you don’t know me from this then I’m astounded and extremely happy that I have some music fans already!

My businesses, weightlift...