The meaning of Different Ways

December 17, 2019Behind The Lyrics1 Comments

Different Ways‘ is a song about 3 different relationships. Each verse depicts a different relationship. The hook is the link as, despite each relationship being quite different, it is always really hard ‘letting someone go.’

The phrase ‘hold me down’ can be taken in two ways – either that someone is holding you back and limiting you in some way, or that they are supporting you and have your back. Every relationship I’ve been in has had both essences.

Verse 1 is about my first relationship, long before I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Life was completely isolating for me, so to suddenly find this special person that I could relate to, was literally life-changing. The relationship didn’t work out because, at the time, neither of us knew enough about Asperger’s Syndrome. Despite some ability to be myself with this person, all the problems I had were too much for them. That relationship taught me a lot about myself.

Verse 2 is about the struggles of balancing work and life with having time for each other. I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to build my business, and my social life has really suffered. It’s also about overshadowing someone, as there were times when it was perceived that my needs and my career were more important than theirs. In order to set someone free, sometimes you have to let them go. I know they are proud of me now, and I also know that they are happy and achieving their own goals.

Verse 3 is about masking (pretending to be someone you are not). It’s about striving to have that ‘normal’ life and to meet normal, societal expectations. There’s this internal struggle of wanting to have that life, but deep down recognising that you will never be able to have it. In this relationship, I eventually made the choice to set myself free of those expectations and proceed with my life being who I really am.

I hope you enjoy the song. It was a bit out of my comfort zone to write it as I don’t tend to talk about these sorts of things at all! But what can I say, I write what the music tells me, and I think these lyrics matched the beat very well!

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  1. James Gordon says:

    The personal/private nature of the stories in this song is why it’s now my second-favourite of yours after I Walk Alone (as well as the funky groove – 😉). Thank you for sharing. 😊