New microphone – Rode NT1-A

November 10, 2019Equipment0 Comments

I have recently changed my microphone. I had been using a Rode Podcaster, which had been fantastic for recording voiceover lines for my films, however I think perhaps it wasn’t the best choice for such “sensitive” and intense recordings of rap vocals.

The Rode Podcaster is a USB microphone and as I have got better at hearing and assessing my recordings, I started noticing sort of ‘clicks’ and a sort of occasional mechanical interference among my vocals. I tried quite a few things to resolve the issue but they were still there. I hadn’t noticed these things in my voiceover lines, the Podcaster was perfectly good for recording that type of thing.

Some reading suggested this might be caused by it being a USB connection straight to my computer. I have since upgraded to the Rode NT1-A, a microphone that plugs into an audio interface rather than directly to my computer. All the clicks and annoying background noises seem to have gone!

I’m really happy with the Rode NT1-A microphone for recording my vocals so far. Rode is a leading brand in microphone manufacturing and their equipment is excellent value as well!

You can get the Rode NT1-A on Amazon. Click here.

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